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Introducing Celsus One
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Introducing OraRisk® CT/NG
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Introducing OraRisk® HSV
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Introducing OraRisk® Candida
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OralDNA Labs helps medical and dental professionals in all healthcare settings and their patients use salivary diagnostics to obtain precise evidence about periodontal disease and oral HPV, allowing more accurate diagnosis and, in the case of periodontal disease, more effective treatment.

MyPerioID IL-1 is Now Available

Some of you asked us to bring back Interleukin-1 testing and we are happy to deliver. You can order either IL-1 or IL-6 versions of MyPerioID®. Either marker provides deep insight into why individuals vary in their inflammatory response to infection. We frankly think they are both excellent.

New GeneReporter Upgrade Service

Our new GeneReporter service now allows you to upgrade genetic reports to unlock additional genetic markers without the need to submit a new sample. We use next-generation sequencing which gives us the ability to offer additional insights as you need them or as new discoveries are made.

The first offering will be an available upgrade from MyPerioID® tests performed after February 19 of 2015 to the powerful Celsus One inflammation profile. We will update a patient file and report out an additional 9 markers of inflammation! These additional genetic markers give more insight for personalized treatment. Celsus One is a state-of-the-art report of the inflammation markers that we believe you should be reviewing. This helps you determine how aggressively to treat and how often to schedule re-care.

Unlock a GeneReporter upgrade today - We know you will find it invaluable.

*MyPerioID® and GeneReporter are not currently available in the State of New York.


"The Doctors" recently did a segment on OralDNA testing on their "Silent Symptoms You Can't Ignore" episode. Watch the video at their website: