Summary of Offered Expertise & Services

We train individual dental teams and speak to mainstream dentistry on the value of incorporating specific clinical procedures into the dental practice that will in fact reduce or eliminate the impact of high-risk periodontal pathogens on systemic chronic diseases for their patients.

The program is based on current evidence and ongoing research that is guaranteed to convict each team member to become personally involved in creating a new standard of care and transforming the dental hygiene department.

The learning environment is interactive, based on real and ongoing cases from presenters who have experienced success and have been uniquely involved in the oral systemic movement. Participants learn the chair-side 'language' that connects and motivates each patient to pathogen reduction to attain an improved level of wellness.

The training format leaves each dental team with a comprehensive training manual as a forever resource to develop and expand this new standard of care.

Practice Protocol Summary

Training protocols to implement new clinical practices into the hygiene department, and to elevate the periodontal standard of care in a dental practice, includes the following:

  • Teach the team basic and simple scientific evidence to support chair-side conversations with patients
  • Deliver an evidence based understanding of the 'new' diagnostic standard of care for periodontal disease. Show the team how to diagnose with predictable success.
  • Deliver an evidence based rationale for a 'new' treatment standard of care for periodontal disease. Show the team how to deliver effective therapy.
  • Show the team how to utilize a medical history to identify high-risk patients quickly and effectively
  • Identify 'what' a high-risk patient looks like, 'when' to recommend pathogen mitigation treatment, and 'how' to discuss a pathogen based treatment plan with patients.
  • Share the business growth effects of implementing this new standard, including new treatment codes, billing, and cross coding with medical carriers.
  • Provide marketing tools to dental teams




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